How to read a WhatsApp on the sly: The popup window


WhatsApp, like any multitasking app today, hides dozens of unknown functions, small tricks that make the experience easier to use. Like being able to read messages without getting the ‘read’ confirmation.

In itself there are several ways, in fact here we tell you how to do it using the Widget tools. But today we tell you another: activating the Pop-up Window function

How to read a WhatsApp without activating confirmation

WhatsApp has several functions to notify a user that he has received new messages. And one of them is the pop-up window, a pop-up window that appears in the middle of the mobile screen when it is activated and you receive a message. This window can appear when the mobile is on, off, on the inclusive lock screen.

But the best thing is its personalization, since it can either be activated for all contacts by going to Settings> Notifications> Pop-up window, or only for those that we are interested in seeing without activating the confirmation, which is known as personalized notification:

Open the chat window of the contact you are going to activate the popup window
Go to the settings menu (the three vertical points) and select see contact, or directly click on the photo at the top.
You will see an option called Personalized Notifications, click to activate it and choose the notification in a popup window. With this, this particular contact will show you the messages where you choose, and you can read them without the blue confirmation.

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