How to put two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone


WhatsApp is one of the applications that does not fail in current smartphones. Everyone is looking for the possibility of talking with their loved ones for free and by text, and if you take advantage of it by sending multimedia files and video calls, you can already consider yourself a skilled user with the application. Now, more than one may be interested in knowing how to put two accounts on WhatsApp.

Two accounts on WhatsApp

It may seem strange to you, but yes, there is a way to put two accounts on WhatsApp. As far as everyone knows, the application always asks you for a phone number to associate with your account, as well as a name that other users know you by. In fact, the rules are clear and it is that even if you have a terminal with two SIM cards, you have to choose one to associate it with the application.

But there are some methods to get your mobile with two cards to work normally.

Use WhatsApp Web on your mobile

We have already commented on occasion how useful it is to use WhatsApp Web. The tool helps you see the conversations with your contacts from the Internet browser you use. Or what is the same: use WhatsApp on the PC or laptop and be able to type with the physical keyboard of this.

However, it is also one of the cornerstones that will help you see two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone. How? So:

Step 1

You must have one of the following browsers installed: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Safari. WhatsApp Web requires that we have one of those operating systems on the phone:

iPhone 8.1 or higher
Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1
Nokia S60
Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO
BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10

Step 2

Opening WhatsApp web requires pairing the smartphone with the computer by scanning a QR code. The first thing to do is open WhatsApp Web on the PC you use by following this link. A QR code will appear to scan using the mobile camera.

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Step 3

Now you have to open the WhatsApp Web function within the settings of the mobile app. Depending on the OS you have, it is done as follows:
On Android: go to the Chats screen> Menu> WhatsApp Web.
On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: go to Menu> WhatsApp Web.
On iPhone: go to Settings> WhatsApp Web.
On BlackBerry: go to Chats> Menu> WhatsApp Web.
On BlackBerry 10: swipe from the top edge of the screen> WhatsApp Web.
On Nokia S40: swipe from the bottom edge of the screen> WhatsApp Web.

Step 4

When accessing this function via mobile, you will see that the phone’s camera opens. Place it in front of the PC screen, scan the QR code and immediately a WhatsApp interface will open on the computer screen. When you want to close it, just close the tab. When you want to open it again, carry out the operation. The session in WhatsApp Web closes automatically some time after closing the browser tab, but you can keep it open.

Step 5

Now that we know how to open WhatsApp Web and log in, the trick to using two WhatsApp accounts on the mobile is that we open WhatsApp Web not in a browser on a PC, but in a web browser on the same mobile:
Open this link to the WhatsApp Web website from the mobile where you want to use the two WhatsApp accounts
When you get the QR code to scan, scan it with the second mobile whose account you want to use in the first.
With this, you will start a WhatsApp Web session on the first mobile using the account of the second mobile. And at the same time you will have your WhatsApp account in the app that you have installed on that first mobile.


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