How to put alert box in OBS Studio


OBS Studio is a program used to broadcast live video on the Internet. In addition to recording the screen for lives, multiple cameras, soundtrack and visual effects, OBS Studio also allows you to add the alert box. The feature automatically informs new followers, subscribers and donations on the broadcast screen with the viewers’ names. See below how to configure the alert box in OBS Studio.

The OBS Studio download is available in 32 and 64 bit versions for PC (Windows), Mac OS and Linux, but it does not have an application for Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The program is also compatible with the main streaming platforms, such as YouTube Gaming, Twitch TV, Nimo TV, BOOYAH! Live and Facebook Gaming.

How to put alert box in OBS Studio
Step 1. Access the Streamlabs website and click on “Login” at the top of the page;

Step 2. Then, login to the Streamlabs website with the platform account (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope or Picarto) in which you want to broadcast;

Step 3. In the Streamlabs panel, click on “Alert Box” in the “Features” menu;

Step 4. In the “General settings” section, define some details such as: seconds of delay of the alert, layout, prohibited terms and inappropriate language filter;

Step 5. To activate the notification of new followers, select the option “Followers”. Then click on “Enabled” in the “Follow Alerts” section to activate the warning. To customize the alert, adjust the layout, animation, message text, text animation, image and sound. At the end, click on “Save settings”;

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Step 6. Now to activate the donation notice in the transmissions, click on the “Donations” option. In the section, click “Enabled” to activate the alert. Then, adjust the image layout, alert animation, minimum amount, message model, image, type, volume and duration of the alert. Click on “Save settings”;

Step 7. When configuring the alert box, you can preview it by clicking on “Launch” and then “Test Follow” or “Test Donation”. The result will be displayed in a new open window;

Step 8. After defining the alert boxes, click on “Copy” to get the URL of the widget. Then, open OBS Studio;

Step 9. In the “Fonts” section of OBS Studio, click “+” and then the “Browser” option;

Step 10. Paste the copied address from Streamlabs in the placeholder under “URL” and click “Ok”;

Step 11. Adjust the size and location of the alert box on the display screen;

Ready! The alert box is configured and ready for use during transmissions in OBS Studio.


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