How To Put A Video On The Start Page Of Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge: All Internet browsers have different customization options. You can change the themes, add new pages to your favorite bookmarks, but you can also choose the color of the home screen or even put a photo. But what Microsoft has recently added is a feature where you can put a video on the Edge home page.

This is how the video of the day is put on Microsoft Edge

Every time you launch Microsoft Edge you have several options with which to do so. For example, you can go directly to the page that you visit the most per day in order not to miss any of the news that is on the day. It can also be a home page with shortcuts that what it does is give you the possibility to choose the site where you can start your navigation.

If we focus on the case of Microsoft Edge, you will have a function in which you will see a new photo per day. But there’s a new feature that takes it one step further with the ability to put a featured video of the day into this very unique part of Redmond’s browser.

The first thing you need to know is that this feature is available starting with version 97 of Edge. Right now, this version is the one that prevails right now, so if you do not have it installed, or you are not sure about it, what you can do is go to the three points in the upper right, click on the Help part and comments and from there to About Microsoft Edge. There you will have all the information of your browser.

But let’s get to the important thing, which is to teach you how to put a video on the Microsoft Edge home page. The first thing you should know, before moving on to the tutorial, is that this feature is free and that the video is the one that the company highlights of the day. Now you can follow the next steps:

Open Microsoft Edge
Click on the gear icon
Select Custom
Click on the Image or video of the day section

Next, the background will change according to your preference and the application itself will take care of making the changes effective. At first you may only have images, but since it is the app that decides whether to show you a video or a photo on the day, it is a matter of waiting for the decision of those from Redmond.