How To Protect Your Twitch Account After The Latest Hack?


Twitch: Cyber ​​attacks are the order of the day and anyone is exposed. A vulnerability in the processors, a web page from which data has been leaked or a malicious application can be different reasons. But there was an attack on Twitch today, so it’s a good time to take a look at those ways to protect your Twitch account today.

What happened on Twitch?

Twitch is one of the most requested platforms by users, where live video entertainment is the order of the day. There are many who enter the social network day in and day out, also unconcerned about what may happen beyond a ‘ban’ by the live moderator, as long as it is clearly justified. But today something has happened that few expected: an attack with leaks from hundreds of channels.

Specifically, there have been 120 GB of data that has been filtered, from passwords to the money that different users have earned to source codes. It is a very serious security problem and yours may have been compromised. But fear not, you can still save your Twitch account after the latest hack.

How to protect your Twitch account after the latest hack

The first of the tricks to protect your Twitch account is to change the password. This is very important and you will also prevent the filtration from being effective at the security level. To do this you have to follow the following steps:

Go to Twitch
Select your username and then go to Settings
Go to Security and privacy
In security, Go to Password
Click on the change password button
If you want to add a security plus you have to go through two-step authentication. This feature will help you ensure that no one enters your profile without your consent, since your account will send a private message to your account with a code that you must enter yes or yes to verify your identity.

In this case, you will have this feature in the same route that we mentioned before, but right in the section below. Once enabled you will have to enter your phone number or enable your email to which you will receive a verification code each time you enter. You can also use an application to generate passwords of the many that we have recommended. So the password will always be the strongest and you will not need to remember it because the app will do it for you.