How to prevent your Instagram from being hacked


Fifth most popular social network in the world, according to official data released by the platform itself, Instagram now has more than 1 billion active users per month – and in just 5 years, it registered a 380% increase in sponsored posts, which makes it a very attractive target for cyber attacks.

Among the most common methods used by cybercriminals are phishing tactics, installing malware on devices with the application installed, improper access of third-party apps (which, if connected to the solution, also endanger it) and exploiting weak credentials (passwords , for example).

Unauthorized access through public devices or also from third parties, in which the user enters his information and loses control over it, and scam campaigns that use false content, which, seeming true, redirect the victim to deceptive pages they are other actions usually performed by malicious people.

After the account is compromised, problems start to appear, ranging from simple spying (in which the user does not notice any change in his profile) to the impossibility of access and significant changes. In fact, charges for redemption and marketing of the page are not uncommon.

Therefore, we have separated some prevention tips that can help you avoid the worst. Come on?

How to prevent your Instagram from being hacked

Change your password: choose a combination that is unique to Instagram and that is strong enough that attackers won’t break it easily.
Enable two-factor authentication: with it, an extra code is required the moment the user tries to log into their account, and criminals without access to the linked device are barred.
Restrict linked accounts: just in the “Security” section, under “Apps and sites”, remove any suspicious activity. In addition, when checking geographic locations of devices where the profile is connected and which devices are being used, it is possible to log out of those that are not recognized.
Make sure your contacts are correct: keeping email addresses and phone numbers up to date is essential for the account to remain under your control. In addition, when receiving notices of changes, do not click on the suggested links. Prefer to check what happened in a separate tab, on the social network itself.

I got hacked: what now?

Well, in this case, the best thing to do is to contact Instagram directly, the only one capable of returning access to your profile. Follow the step by step indicated by the social network’s Help Center – which will require a photo of you holding a paper on which a code provided by the platform itself is handwritten – and insert all possible details.

After that, you will receive instructions to recover your account and will even be able to restore several deleted posts within a period of up to 30 days before. In addition, adopting the measures above, taking advantage of your feed will be much safer.


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