How To Prevent Someone From Installing Extensions In Google Chrome


Google Chrome: One of the things that every user wants to avoid is someone customizing their applications. Sometimes you find things that can really help you, while other times you can find things that you will never use. Whatever the case, if you want to prevent someone from installing Google Chrome extensions on your machine, follow the following tricks.

Only administrators install extensions

Let’s start from the premise that you have a computer at home that everyone in the environment uses. Some already know the importance of installing these types of programs that complement the browser, but others not only do not pay attention to the opinions of each one, but they install them without rhyme or reason. For this reason, you may be interested in preventing certain people from installing extensions in Google Chrome.

To avoid this, you must touch the browser policies, something that you cannot control directly from the app options. For that we have to visit an old acquaintance such as the Windows 10 registry. As in previous occasions, you should know that touching a section at this point is key to the operation of the machine, so we recommend you make a restore point for what it could happen.

Let’s go to the steps if you are one of the most daring. You have to do the following

In the search engine type Regedit
Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> WOW6432Node> Policies
Right click on the policies folder
Select New and choose Password that you are going to call Google
In this new folder create a new key that will be called Chrome
Right click on Chrome and create a new key called ExtensionInstallBlocklist
In the new section, right click and select New> String value
The name of this value will be 1 and in value information put *
So far it is only part of the installation blocking of Google Chrome extensions, which we will finish with the steps that follow. We will start from the folder called Chrome that we have created before:

Right click on the Chrome folder and create a key called BlockExternalExtensions
Now click on this new key and create a new string value
The name will be 1 and the value *
This should be enough and if you have followed these steps to the letter you will get no one to install Chrome extensions.


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