How to prepare for the 2021 challenges?


Every end of the year is the same: we look at the difficulties of the past months and think about the challenges of those who are yet to come. In 2019, it was no different. However, no one would imagine that 2020 would put us in the middle of a pandemic.


This year that is ending has not been easy. Everyone’s routine changed completely, several plans had to be adjusted and we started to question many things that were previously treated as certainties. Definitely, 2020 was a year that proved that life can surprise a lot and that situations can get out of our control completely – and that can bring a lot of learning.

The “normal” started to have a supportive word, called “new normal”, and we learned that we are extremely adaptable to changes, resilient in several ways and able to build something new, in addition to living with transformations that arrived quickly and Without previous warning.

One of the most important lessons we had to learn was how to be close even far.

An increasingly connected world

The result of this was an increasingly connected world. We had to adapt to living in a world dominated by screens that separate and at the same time connect people through technology. This includes our contact with family, friends and especially work.

Speaking of which, it was in this sector that we had one of the biggest transformations. Expressions like home office or remote work, although known before the pandemic, have become practically a standard in many different companies. The new routine even impacted our health care, through online consultations and therapy sessions through the internet.

With more time at home, we also started to notice every little detail and “defect” in our homes. As a result, many started making micro-reforms and found that they can learn just about anything on the internet through good tutorials. And the best? For free, but with a lot of dedication and effort, of course.

Even our shopping routine has changed. Those most suspicious, who had never made a purchase over the internet, ended up discovering that this is one of the best ways to purchase products and services. In the end, the lives of many people have completely changed, which is good in many ways, but not so much in others, because it also made many people tired – isn’t it?


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