How To Post A Photo On Multiple Instagram Accounts At The Same Time


Instagram: Meta has some of the most famous applications used in the world of smartphones. It is very likely that you have Facebook and therefore Instagram, not to mention that messaging applications are also his strong suit with the use of WhatsApp. But today we are going to focus on one of the most interesting functions for users with more than one profile, since we are going to teach you how to publish several photos on Instagram at the same time.

This is how several photos are published on Instagram

Becoming an account on Instagram is very simple, the same as if you have several personal accounts. And it is that in these cases it is possible that many have an account for their personal use where they have all their friends and another in which they join other profiles related to a specific interest. Whatever the use of that secondary account, you may want to post a photo on several Instagram accounts at the same time.

It may be a tedious process for many, since sometimes everything happens to copy the text you have written and paste it from one account to another directly. But if you have both accounts connected, it is possible to skip this heavy step for which we are going to tell you below:

Open Instagram
Go to the plus sign in the upper right corner
Choose those photos you want to publish
Click on Next and you will enter the editing section
At the bottom you will see the different accounts that you can publish
Press the switch for the other account

From here you will only have to click on the publish button so that the photo reaches both accounts simultaneously. This same step can also be used so that a publication is also sent to your linked Facebook accounts or even Twitter if it is the case.

Other ways to post a photo to multiple Instagram accounts

The other way to post a photo on multiple Instagram accounts at the same time is to use social media management applications. For example, Hootsuite is one of them and you will only have to upload the photo and indicate the Instagram accounts you want to send it to. In fact, you may not even want them to be published ipso facto since you can schedule when they hit the Web.