How to Podcast: 7 Products to Start Your Own Program


Podcast: Whether on the way to work, while doing housework or simply to relax, the habit of listening to a good podcast has become popular in Brazil recently. With different formats, pleasing those who prefer relaxed content or even more serious ones, the podcast is a kind of modern audio program, recorded and edited that allows the listener to listen whenever and wherever they want to their favorite presenters and themes.

For those who are fans of the genre and want to have their own show, it is important to pay attention to what podcast equipment is needed. With that in mind, we’ve separated some product models, ranging from microphones to audio interfaces, that can help you. Check out:

Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface

The audio interface for podcasts aims to make the microphone sound digital, making the connected equipment able to communicate with the audio platform. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo features P10 inputs and outputs, AIR mode and conversion rates up to 192kHz. With simple operation, the audio interface is an easy-to-use model, as it integrates the Easy Start platform. Furthermore, it has a modern and compact design.

Behringer UM2 USB Audio Interface

With two input and two output connectors, the Behringer UM2 is a great audio interface for podcasting. It has 16-bit audio resolution, with a sampling rate of 48kH. With good accessibility, it supports Pro tools, Live and Cubase software. It has a good sound quality and can be considered a product that transforms amateur recordings into professionals.


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