How to Play with PS4 and Xbox Controllers on PC


We tell you how you can use PS4 and Xbox controllers to play the PC, iOS and Android version of Genshin Impact, now also available on PS4.

The miHoYo title has only been available for a few days but it has already become a success. Genshin Impact offers us a complete adventure with elements of the gacha genre and is conquering players from all over the world. Therefore, we offer you a series of tips, recommendations and tutorials as part of our complete guide. This time we will tell you how you can connect and use PS4 and Xbox controllers to play the PC version of the game (the iOS and Android versions are not compatible), something that is added to other entries such as the detailed explanation of cross-play and cross-save and the list of free codes and rewards.

How to play Genshin Impact on PC with PS4 and Xbox controllers

“Currently the PC version of Genshin Impact is compatible with PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox One Elite controllers. We will continue to optimize the controller experience and compatibility in future releases. We ask our travelers to wait patiently. If connecting the remote and modifying the settings still does not work, go to the system “Control Panel”, “Devices and Printers” and check if there is a virtual controller causing problems “, the developers themselves detail on their website.

How to play Genshin Impact with PS4 and Xbox controllers on iOS and Android

On the other hand, we regret to have to state that for now there is no support to play the iOS and Android mobile versions of Genshin Impact with a controller, so no matter how hard we try to connect a controller to our device, we will not get it to work in the game. It is something that has been confirmed by miHoYo in response to an email received by a Reddit user, who shared the response on the web platform: “We regret to inform you that drivers for mobile devices are not currently supported.”

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