How to play online on PS5 with PS Plus


You will need to be subscribed to PS Plus to be able to play online in most of the games, with a few specific exceptions.

You have everything ready. You have purchased your console, you have opened the box and you have everything ready. The first step to be able to play online on PS5 is to have a PlayStation Network account. If you don’t have it, we advise you to take a look at this tutorial that we prepare in MeriStation. Once you have the account, username and password, it’s time to assess whether you want to join PS Plus, the subscription service that not only offers free games every month, but also the possibility of experiencing the titles online. Although some products do not require it, in general it is an essential requirement.

How to subscribe to PS Plus and play online

Turn on the PS5 console and click on the PS Plus symbol, located at the top of the main screen.
Then select the “Subscribe” option.
You will find three different options: the 12-month subscription (59.99 euros), the 3-month subscription (24.99 euros) and the monthly one (8.99 euros).
When you choose one of them, a warning message will appear advising that you will need to disable automatic renewal manually if you want to cancel it.
After accepting the conditions, a payment window will open, where you can choose your preferred payment method (Paypal, card). Once that is done, you will have access to all the benefits of PS Plus.

To play online you simply have to keep the subscription active. The system will detect it automatically and allow you to play without major problems. In addition to all that, service members have the opportunity to enjoy the PS Plus Collection, a catalog of PS4 hits (both from Sony and third-party companies) especially recommended for those who did not get the machine at the time. You can find games like Persona 5, Days Gone, The Last of Us Remastered, and many more.

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