How to play Minecraft for free on PC from the browser


We detail the method to play Minecraft on PC for free from the browser as part of our complete guide to the successful title of Mojang.

There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most successful games of all time. Since its launch in 2009, it has received numerous updates, adjustments and improvements in order to become a much broader and more ambitious version of what it was in its origins, without losing its essence along the way. Although we may think that it is a title that has already been enjoyed by everyone, new generations of players discover it every day. Therefore, below and as part of this complete Minecraft guide, we detail how to play for free on PC from the browser step by step.

Minecraft: how to play for free on PC from the browser

To enjoy the classic version of Minecraft from the browser and without having to download the game or pay a single penny, we just have to access this link.
Once inside, we choose a username to start playing.
Before hitting the Start button, we notice that the link to our newly generated server appears at the top of the screen, which we can access at any time by pressing ESC and accessing the pause menu.
With this, up to 9 friends can join to play with us and we can create new levels (small, medium or large) at any time.

Once ready, we just have to start and enjoy a game of Minecraft, yes, with some restrictions. For starters, the progress of our game will not be saved, so each game will be a new adventure. In addition, not having the game downloaded we may experience some errors such as jerks of frames and derivatives, something that does not happen when having the full version of the game.

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Even so, it is a very easy and accessible way to be able to play Minecraft at any time and practically from any PC, so we can fill our free time waiting by building a few blocks and exploring an exciting world.


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