How to Play FIFA 23 before It Comes Out


FIFA 23 is almost here. In fact, many players now have the opportunity to purchase the game a few days before launch, since the EA Play trial version is now valid in all regions. This trial version is launched simultaneously with the early access period provided to owners of a certain release of the game.

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Early access to FIFA 23 will allow you to master the basics before the rest of the competition. This is especially useful this year when all the new generation features have been added. Firstly, the new mechanics of technical dribbling will take some time to learn it, and this is even before we start with how the penalties were changed.

To help you get ahead of your opponents, we’ve compiled this guide to early access to FIFA 23. Here’s how to access the pre-launch trial period.

How to start playing FIFA 23 earlier

There are currently two ways to start playing FIFA 23 earlier. They are available through EA Play and when pre-ordering FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition. Read more about each below:

EA Play Trial Version

Access to EA Play can be obtained in the store of each console. This is a subscription service for which a monthly fee is charged. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get your first month for £0.79. After subscribing, you will find a free trial in the store. It is currently available and gives players 10 hours of FIFA 23 to complete it before launching.

Early access to the final edition

This is followed by FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition. It combines many bonuses, one of which is early access from September 27, 2022. That’s three days earlier. You won’t be limited to a set number of hours using this method, but you will have to pre-order a rather expensive version of the game.

Here’s how you can play FIFA 23 earlier. We’ll tell you more about the game as soon as we spend more time on it. In the meantime, don’t forget to read our preview.

As for the games, E3 has set live return dates in 2023 and will be held from June 13 to 16. “Partner Digital Events and Demonstrations” will also be presented from June 11.

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