How to plant seeds in Linkum


Dinkum is a new indie farming game recently released on Steam Early Access in which players can plant seeds to grow crops. However, unlike some other games of this genre, fans may be surprised that the ability to plant seeds is not initially unlocked. Instead, farming in Dinkum requires access to tools that can only be purchased after obtaining certain licenses.

In the game, players have the freedom to choose how they move along the path. In addition, players are given the opportunity to create their own community from scratch. As in other games like Stardew Valley, there is no set path here, but farming is the main component of Dinkum. Seeds are used to grow crops and obtain dinks, game currency, as well as to unlock certain milestones.

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Agriculture in Dinkum can be carried out with a shovel or hoe. These tools can be purchased from John and Rain, respectively, after purchasing an excavation license and a farming license. Both licenses will cost a total of 750 Permit Points, which can be earned by completing the steps in the Directory. A shovel will cost players $900, and a hoe is sold for $ 800.

How to plant seeds in dinkum

In Dinkum, players can buy random seeds from Rain every day. Alternatively, bushes, trees and grass provide a natural way to harvest seeds. To buy an axe and start cutting trees for materials, you must have a logging license. These seeds are planted in pits dug with a shovel. Players must necessarily cover the seeds with earth by choosing a shovel again. The hoe is used for planting seeds of agricultural crops that can be sold for Dinks. Right-clicking on the tool will bring you to the ground. Drop the seed on the ground and use the hoe again to plant the item. In both cases, only one seed can be used at a time. As expected, the crops in Dinkum need to be watered from a watering can. Rain will give the same advantage, freeing up time for other activities, such as construction or crafting.

Dinkum combines many elements from other games of the same genre. The name gives uniqueness to the farming simulator, adding a survival setting in Australia. During the construction of their city, players will fight kangaroos and crocodiles, as well as take care of giant wombats. This fun and unique setting sets Dinkum apart from the competition.


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