How To Place Code Not TikTok Lite


A new TikTok Lite campaign is offering rewards to new users, who can receive rewards using the app’s code system.

In addition to being a good alternative for hours of boredom, whether following the main trends or laughing with funny videos, the app can now also yield extra money for users.

How to make money watching videos on TikTok?

Getting a little extra money just using the app is pretty easy. All you need to do is understand the social networking code system, which works in two distinct ways.

The first one concerns users who are already using the platform and want to invite friends to participate in the promotion. In this mode, the person earns money as their code is used and their guests watch content on the app.

The second is related to new accounts that download and register in the application using the code of friends or acquaintances. In this case, the new user earns money while spending time on the platform, watching videos daily and accumulating balance. Remembering, of course, that new users can also generate their own invites to share with third parties.