How to pin a conversation in the iOS 14 Messages app


For a long time, apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram have allowed you to highlight a conversation to have that chat highlighted, located at the top of the list of chats and always at hand. That’s something that Messages, Apple’s messaging app, couldn’t do, at least until now. Until the arrival of iOS 14.

With the new version of Apple’s OS for its iPhones, the Messages app has gained several extra features. And if you want to have a prominent conversation within the application, this is how it is done:

Set a Chat in Messages iOS 14
– Swipe right in a conversation, then tap the pin icon


– Touch and hold a conversation, then drag it to the top of the list to pin it

Defix a conversation

You can unpin certain conversations at the top of the message list. To do this, do either of the two options:

– Press and hold the conversation, then drag the message to the bottom of the list.


– Press and hold a conversation, then press the crossed-out pin icon.

Reply to a specific message in a conversation

You can reply to a specific message in an integrated way to improve clarity and help keep conversations organized.

1- In a conversation, press 2 times (or press and hold) a message and then press the arrow icon to the left.

2- Write your answer and then press Send.

Mention people in a conversation

You can mention other people in a conversation to draw their attention to a specific message. Depending on their settings, they may be notified even if they have muted the conversation.

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1- In a conversation, start typing the name of a contact in the text field.

2- Press the name of the contact when it appears. You can also mention a contact in Messages by typing @ and the contact’s name.


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