How to Perform Android Backup?


You can store photos, videos, important files, settings and applications on your Android operating system in different areas with the Android backup process and you will not lose the backed up files even if something happens to the device. There are different methods you can apply to answer the question of how to make an Android backup.

By backing up the photos, videos, important files, settings and mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, you can prevent data loss in case of losing or changing your device one day. In fact, Android backup process has been recommended for all users for a long time. We have different methods and possibilities to implement it.

You can back up all your data to different areas with or without Android backup applications. It is also possible to minimize the possibility of data loss by backing up multiple areas, but you don’t need to be so cautious. Cloud storage services, in particular, offer very successful features in this regard. You can choose the method that best suits you for Android backup process.

Android backup methods:

Photo and video backup
File backup
Settings and mobile application backup
Backup Android device on your computer
Rooted phone backup
Alternatives to cloud storage services

Photo and video backup:

Step # 1: Open the Google Photos app on your device.
Step # 2: Sign in with your Google account information.
Step # 3: Open the settings section.
Step # 4: Tap on the option to Back Up and Sync.
Step # 5: Enable the option.
Step # 6: Edit the upload size.

You can backup photos and videos, which is one of the most important Android backup processes, on Google. The biggest advantage of this method is that you are using an application that comes with the device without having to deal with a third-party mobile application.

In addition, the Google Photos service provides many advantages to Android users, such as unlimited storage space for automatic backups. Moreover, you can perform this backup process with your Google account already registered on your device without creating a new account.

File backup:

Step # 1: Open the Google Drive mobile app.
Step # 2: Sign in with your Google account.
Step # 3: Click on the plus button that you will see in the upper right corner.
Step # 4: Select the files you want to back up.
Step # 5: Click on the Upload button.
Step # 6: Your files will be backed up after a changing period.

Another important backup process among Android backup processes is file backup. Especially for users who have to access many different files from different points as a result of the widespread use of the mobility working system, easy access to the required files is very important.

Google Drive mobile application is also an application that generally comes with devices with Android operating system. If this application is not installed on your device, you can download it from Play Store. You can also easily access Google Drive from devices with other operating systems.

Settings and mobile application backup:

Step # 1: Open your device’s Settings screen.
Step # 2: Open the Accounts and Backup section.
Step # 3: Tap on the Back Up and Restore option.
Step # 4: Enable the Back Up My Data option.
Step # 5: After a changing period, all your device data will be backed up.

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Especially if you are going to switch to a device with a new Android operating system, the settings and mobile application backup method will make your transition process extremely easy. When you activate this option, all of the general settings and mobile applications on your device are backed up on your Google account.

To restore this data backed up on your Google account on a different Android device or the same device you reset, simply open the Backup and Restore screen and follow the steps that the device will direct. The names in the steps may vary depending on the device brand and model.

Android device backup on your computer:

Step # 1: Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.
Step # 2: Open the My Computer folder.
Step # 3: Unlock your device’s storage.
Step # 4: Transfer the files you want to back up to your computer.
Step # 5: You can delete the files you backed up later from your device if you wish.

If you do not want to use cloud storage services for Android backup process, you can apply the old method of backup to computer. With this method, you can transfer many different files on your Android device to your computer and from there to different storage devices.

However, the most downside of this method is that you may lose all files after a problem that may happen to your computer. There is a similar downside to external storage devices. For this reason, it is recommended to back up your computer to cloud storage after Android backup.

Rooted phone backup:

If you have rooted or intend to root your Android smartphone, you can review third-party backup mobile applications such as Titanium Backup, which you can use for rooted phone backup.

After downloading the Titanium Backup mobile app to your Android phone, you can choose which files to back up from the Operations menu. With Titanium Backup, you have the chance to back up almost any data on your phone. You can complete this process successfully by choosing the most convenient option for you among the options to restore backed up data.

Android backup with cloud storage services:

If you do not want to use Google services for the backup process or if the free space is not enough for you, there are many different cloud storage services that you can backup on Android. You can back up your photos, videos and important files to cloud storages.

Third-party storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk stand out. After downloading the mobile applications of these services to your Android operating system, you can back up manually or choose the automatic backup option.

Android is one of the operating systems that offer the widest selection of backup options. You can also check out the different mobile applications you can use for backup on the Play Store, but you should make sure that the mobile application you will use for this process is reliable.


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