How to perform a Triumph at the behest of the Empress in Destiny 2


The Guardians can obtain a Triumph At the behest of the Empress in the “Ghosts” season in Destiny 2 by defeating the Augur, the Initiate of Calus, and Jai’es, the Supplicant of Calus. These are elite Nightmarish enemies that you can fight on an Abandoned Leviathan. The triumph must be passed as part of the seasonal Reaper title. The in-game description of the achievement reads: “On an abandoned Leviathan, defeat a restless loyalist commander.” Av’gur, a Devotee of Kalus, and Jai’ek, a Supplicant of Kalus, appear together in the Royal Ponds and are part of a public event.

Players can reach this area by heading north from the Castellum landing zone and turning left at the third unlit brazier. The entrance is located between two ornate columns and under a golden statue of the head of Emperor Kalus. In addition to the “Will of the Empress”, players can also complete the triumph of the “Ritual under the Shadow” in Destiny 2 in the Royal Pools. There is another way through the Pleasure Gardens, but the Castellum route is closer to the goal. A public event can be started as soon as players see a message above their abilities: “Empress Kate offers support against an approaching threat.”

The guards must remain vigilant, because the mission is easy to miss. A public event doesn’t happen often and usually starts immediately with other players. After completion, it may take several hours to start again. While waiting in the Royal Pools, you need to perform many other activities, such as cleaning the haunted alcoves. In addition, players can reload the dungeon, which will give more chances to find the mission. This can be done by running into the Castellum and returning to the Royal Pools. A blue Favorites symbol will appear next to the main entrance. When interacting with the symbol, the desired public event in Destiny 2 will begin.

Earning At the behest of the Empress Triumph in Destiny 2

Two big Cabal allies will appear and attack enemies in the area with Guards. Waves of contempt will continue to appear, and they must be defeated before the two main goals of Triumph appear. Av’gur, the Devotee of Kalus, and Jai’ek, the Petitioner of Kalus, appear simultaneously in the northwest corner of the map. The first is the Colossus of the Cabal, and the second is the Knight of Contempt. Unlike Nightmares in closed haunted Alcoves, players have plenty of room to move around during the battle. With the help of Keitl’s reinforcements, the Guardians must quickly deal with two tips.

At the behest of the Empress, you can get after defeating every elite Nightmare. Clearing a public event will also result in a loot chest and give a reputation for Destiny 2’s Crown of Sorrow. Although this┬áThe triumph may not be the most difficult test, it may seem to the Guards that the infrequent holding of a Public event. Having received the award “At the behest of the Empress”, players become one step closer to the title “Reaper”.