How To Pause Elden Ring Without Mods: The Option That Went Unnoticed


Elden Ring:  Mischief allows a user to realize how to circumvent the impossibility of pausing the game whenever we want. Step by step explanation. Elden Ring does not allow us to pause the game whenever we want; however, it is possible to stop the action without having to put the console to sleep or exit the game if we use a computer. In fact, it is not even necessary to resort to mods, as we saw days ago. A Twitter user named IronPinneapple_ has discovered a clever method to stop gameplay without cheats or mods.

The procedure is very simple and can be applied on any platform (Xbox, PlayStation or PC):

Open the menu and go to Equipment.
Press Help and display the Menu Explanation.
You will then see a help screen and… Elden Ring will stop ipso facto.

This screen will allow us to dedicate the time we need to attend to other tasks, answer a call or simply breathe during or after a complicated fight. We do not know if FromSoftware will apply changes to this method, although, we insist, it is not a trick or violates the general operation of the game.

Elden Ring, one of the games that we will remember for years

Elden Ring has become one of the great media phenomena in the video game world during this beginning of the year. Despite its difficulty and knowing that it belongs to a “niche” genre, this adjective begins to present new meanings, since its success is enormous and its expectations are enormous.

More and more users are attracted by Hidetaka Miyazaki’s formula; either because of the challenge it represents, because of the excellence that is transmitted to the controls or, why not, because of both. The game has received the most coverage in specialized media during its launch week in the last two years. How much it has sold is something we still do not know, but there is no doubt that it will be one of the best-selling titles of the year; a video game candidate for everything.

Elden Ring is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5 and PC consoles. In our guide we offer you all kinds of tips, recommendations and information so that you can fully enjoy what’s new from FromSoftware.