How to pass the ritual under the triumph of shadows in Destiny 2


Guardians can get the Triumph of the Ritual Under the Shadow in the Season of Ghosts Destiny 2 by tracking down the Nightmare of Sayad, the Infinite. He is an elite enemy to be defeated as part of the Reaper title. The in-game description of the Triumph reads: “Clear the passage to the Haunted Niche containing the Nightmare Ritual.” Sayada, an Endless Nightmare, can be found in the Royal Ponds aboard an Abandoned Leviathan.

The ship can be quite confusing to navigate at times. Those who have trouble finding the Royal Pools can head north from the Castellum landing zone. Turn left from the third unlit brazier, and you will get to the main entrance to the location. The haunted niche can be found by walking down the corridor and moving straight north. The location is west of the Nightmare of the Cripple, a Sniper in Destiny 2, and is marked by corrupted tentacles. The enemies inside are not always present, and after their victory it will take time to revive.

Unfortunately, the Guardians have to wait for the Nightmares to return. Meanwhile, many other events are taking place in the Royal Pools. As soon as the message “Dark Ether thickens in the air …” appears above the player’s abilities, a Nightmarish Observer will take up a post at the entrance to the Ghost Niche. Further inside, other Nightmare Scorn will appear. Say’ad Infinite is a Nightmarish Abomination that can only be invoked through ritual.

Victory over Saad, the Infinite in Destiny 2

Inside the Ghostly Alcove there are three ritual components that need to be activated. Before summoning the main goal of Triumph in Destiny 2, the Guardians are advised to destroy the lesser Nightmares. This will prevent players from being overwhelmed by enemies, as well as increase damage from falling unstable entities. Since Sayad, the Infinite, is an Abomination, the opportunity to kill him from afar is ideal. Heavy ranged weapons such as rocket launchers and linear thermonuclear rifles work best. Standing too close, the Nightmare will strike the ground, causing huge damage.

After winning, players will receive a Ritual Under Shadow Triumph and a loot chest. This will give the Guardians an extra chance to get any of the new weapons or armor with ghosts. These chests may also contain one of Destiny 2’s Luxury Keys, which are essential for another triumph. There are many more powerful Calus Nightmares hidden on the Abandoned Leviathan. Guardians who want to get the title of Reaper must search every haunted niche.