How to participate in the TikTok program “What is your weakness?” Quiz and share your results


The latest quiz that went viral on TikTok is “What’s your weakness?” a quiz in which several users come to the platform to share their results. Over the past few months, a lot of quizzes have become popular on TikTok. Many of them tend to revolve around the human personality. Among them was the quiz “Human Emotions”, in which people were asked to answer 10 questions and assigned emotions such as “joy”, “anger” or “humility” as a defining feature of their personality.

Another quiz recently launched on the platform was the “Mental Age” test, which measured the psychological abilities of subjects to determine how much they are mentally older or younger compared to their actual age. Unlike some other shorter quizzes, this test included 30 questions that users had to answer in order to get their results.

“What is your weakness?” The quiz is hosted on the uQuiz quiz platform. The website is a quiz aggregator with thousands of quizzes from which users can choose, ranging from those that tell people which Little Miss character they are, to compiling a playlist based on their personality. “What is your weakness?” The quiz is relatively short compared to some others on the platform, with only eight questions that users have to answer in order to get their results. The hashtag #whatisyourweakness currently has almost 350,000 views on TikTok.

Do the quiz results make sense?

When users go to the quiz landing page, they first need to enter their name. This step is mandatory, but users do not need to enter their real name. In fact, it is usually better to enter a fictitious name, as many of these websites tend to collect any personal data entered. Even entering random letters or initials will allow users to take part in the quiz. After that, users have to answer a few rather random questions, including deciding which pigment attracts their attention, whether they have allies and even their answers to the ink spots test.

The last question is even stranger. Under the heading “Pray for your life”, users must enter their response to the application. However, this question is optional — users can just skip it and click “Next” to get the results. Users can share their results using the “Share” buttons on social networks or copy the included URL, which can be published on a social network or on a messaging platform of their choice. On TikTok, users post screenshots of their results in a video.

The results page also displays all the “weak points” and shows what percentage of users received a particular result. Results include “you’re stalking,” “you’re soft,” “you’re lost,” “you’re straight,” “you’re cold,” and even creepy ones like “you can’t die the way it matters.” Users also receive an accompanying description next to their result. For example, the result “you are straight” is accompanied by the description “disgusting”, and the result “you are stalking” is “they are watching”. pretend you don’t notice. They’re all pretty random and don’t make any sense, but TikTok users seem to be happy to share their results in videos.


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