How to organize Tik Tok favorites in a collection


TikTok users can easily organize their favorite videos into specific collections, and this feature is useful for users who are used to saving a lot of videos to their favorite videos. In addition, adding a TikTok video to favorites allows the user to view it again on the Favorites tab. However, before this update was released, all of TikTok users’ favorite videos were mixed together, making it harder for them to return to a video they had loved for a long time.

TikTok has launched a “Collections” feature along with many other features, including 10-minute TikTok videos. TikTok is constantly releasing and testing new features, filters and updates. Facebook and YouTube are trying to compete with the popular short video platform with Reels and Shorts, respectively. However, this competition usually favors the users’ side, as they benefit from each release of a new feature.

Users usually save every TikTok video they like because it’s hard to find it again. TikTok users can choose between liking a video to see it later on the “Liked” tab, “Favorites” or saving it on the device. However, adding a video to favorites is currently the best method, since it is possible to add it to a “Collection” of users’ choice. Users can create as many collections as they want and combine their favorites in them.

Organize your favorite TikTok videos into collections

The user must click the “Favorites” button to start saving videos to a specific collection. At this point, the message “Added to favorites” will appear at the bottom of the screen. When the user clicks the “Manage” button, a pop-up window will open. Users can choose between an already created collection or click “Create a new Collection”. Over time, they can replenish their collections. It is worth noting that the video is added to the saved videos only if the user has not selected the collection after clicking the icon.

Users can then go to their TikTok profiles, tap the Favorites icon, and they will find all the videos they have previously added to favorites. Users then have to click on the Collections tab to navigate through their collections. By clicking on one collection and opening it, users can click “Manage Video” to select multiple videos to delete or move to another collection. For example, suppose a user has added a video to favorites in the wrong collection. In this case, when the user is in the collection and selects “Manage Video”, he can select the video, and then click “Move” and select the collection to which to move it. If a user wants to move a video for which he has not created a collection, he will have to remove it from favorites and add it to favorites again to add to the collection.