How to open Stephen’s universe in MultiVersus


In Multiverse, players will have only four characters to choose from, and players will be able to unlock additional characters, such as the titular fighter from the Steven Universe, the Steven Universe itself. Players will need to collect resources to unlock a character of their choice, or try their luck by purchasing a Founder’s kit. Before unlocking a character, players will be able to view their unlock requirements on the locked character page. Also, players won’t need to unlock Jake the Dog, Harley Quinn, the Tasmanian Devil or Shaggy in Multiverse because they start the game with unlocked characters.

The fastest, but also the most expensive way to unlock a character is to use Founder kits. Like Gleamium, Founders Packs can be purchased for real money in the in-game store. In each Founders Pack, players will find Character Tokens that will unlock the character depicted on the Character Token. The smallest set of founders for sale includes 15 character tokens, and the largest set of founders contains only 30 character tokens. If players decide to buy the largest set and get 30 character tokens, they will unlock almost all available characters. In addition, Founders Packs have a bonus Gleamium in Multiverse, which players can use to purchase additional characters or cosmetic items.

If players want to unlock Multiversus characters without spending real money, they can also unlock characters using gold, a free in-game currency. Players will earn gold by playing the game, most often by participating in public matches. To maximize gold, players must complete rounds in the match, win and level up. By completing all three requirements, players can earn up to 350 gold. Even if players lose a match, they can still earn from 40 to 100 gold, depending on factors such as the number of rounds played and the levels earned.

Other ways to unlock Stephen’s universe in MultiVersus

In addition, players can also earn gold by completing missions in Multiversus. To do this, players must start with introductory missions that can be completed to earn about 2,000 gold. If players earn 2,000 gold for introductory missions, they will receive exactly as much as it takes to unlock characters such as Batman, in Multiverse. However, this won’t be enough to unlock Steven’s Universe, which is worth 3,000 gold. Each unlockable character will cost from 1,000 to 3,000, making Steven Universe one of the most expensive characters to unlock. Players should remember that they cannot earn gold by participating in custom games.

The third and final way to unlock characters is to buy them directly with Gleamium, a paid in—game currency. This will unlock characters much faster than collecting gold, and will cost less than buying founder kits if players are looking for certain characters. Players can buy Gleamium in sets of any size, and the more they buy, the less they will pay per unit of Gleamium. For example, to unlock a character worth 3,000 gold, such as Steven Universe, players must spend about 720 Gleamium. Players can also use the acquired Gleamium to obtain cosmetic items, including an Iron Giant in a MulitVersus beach suit or a suit of coach Steven from Steven Universe and his “Tiger Millionaire” wrestling suit.


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