How To Not Appear Online On WhatsApp


WhatsApp: If you use the settings that WhatsApp has established by default, when you enter WhatsApp, your contacts can see that you are online, and therefore active. But there are those who like to protect their privacy a little, especially in the current era in which we are too exposed with mobile phones and social networks. If you want them not to see you when you enter WhatsApp, there are some tricks and methods that you can carry out.

I don’t want to appear online on WhatsApp

Let’s start with a fact: It is not possible to hide that you are online in WhatsApp in general terms, there is no button in the application that helps to do so. When you open WhatsApp, it appears that you are online. If you close WhatsApp manually when you exit, then you will already appear disconnected to your contacts, and the same after a few minutes if you lock the mobile because you are no longer using the app.

Remove the time of last connection in WhatsApp

You can’t remove the “online” indicator, but you can do other things like hide the last connection time:

Enter the menu: “Settings”
Select: “Privacy”
Just click on the first option, ‘Last. time’. Here you can choose if you want everyone who has your WhatsApp to see what time you were online last time, just your contacts or no one directly.

Turn on Airplane mode

Airplane mode is a function created especially for when you are flying in an airplane and you do not want to turn off the terminal. This mode cancels all incoming and outgoing connections, including calls, messages and the Internet – although there are terminals that allow you not to receive calls but to browse the Internet. If you want to check your WhatsApp and not be online, do this:

Completely close the WhatsApp app
Activate the airplane mode on the mobile – slide your finger on the screen from the top to the middle to open the shortcuts to the mobile functions, and look for Airplane Mode / Flight Mode.
Reopen WhatsApp
Close it again completely when you’re done
Open the shortcuts menu again and turn off Airplane mode