How to move from Office 2010 to Office 365


Microsoft Office is the best known office suite in the world. Anyone who has been in front of a computer has tried or at least knows of its virtues, although the vast majority chose at the time to install it and have it forever. But this worked like this until about 10 years ago, so if you want to go from Office 2010 to Office 365 we tell you how to do it.

Why update Office

This question may seem a bit obvious, but it needs to be answered. Since the Internet reached users, we have not stopped seeing how the different programs received more and more updates. Office is no exception, and it has been good to make the leap to digital format so that its users can adopt all the available improvements. But upgrading Office 2010 to 365 isn’t just a matter of having a more modern design and the latest tools, it’s also a matter of security. Its applications are also likely to be a door through which a virus can sneak in and infect your PC, so this has added security.

How to update Office to version 365

We move on to what we are interested in, which is to update the office app from the 2010 version to the most current of all. You must bear in mind that yes or yes you must have the license key assigned to you at hand, so you must find the 25-character card that you entered when you installed the program for the first time to activate it. There are several methods and we will start with the simplest: from any application of the office suite.

Open Word, for example, and in the File section you have to follow the path Office account> Update options> Update now. Once you accept the update, you should know that you are going to the new system, that is, the subscription system, and reverting this procedure once started is an odyssey, if not impossible.

The second method is through the Microsoft store. We are not referring to the online store of the brand that you access from the browser, which also allows updating from Office 2010 to 365. Continuing with the store, once you log in the program will recognize the apps you have installed and will give you the option to update directly.


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