How to modify or disable key functions in Windows


Has that never happened to you of typing in Word or in a chat and messing up what you wrote by inadvertently pressing a keyboard key that has a special function assigned to it? And what about all those times that playing with the keyboard and mouse on the PC you have inadvertently hit the Windows key and your game has been screwed up, the character has been killed or it is simply the 56th time that you press it and are you fed up with its placement so poorly?

Disable keys in Windows 10

If you would like there to be a way to disconnect, in a perennial or simply temporary way, one of those keys with assigned function, here we offer you a program of those simple and destined to make the computer experience a little easier. Simple Disable Key allows you to disable or even remove specific functions assigned to a key or key combination on your keyboard. In addition to customizing it to our liking, this utility can also solve the problem of when a keyboard does not work well.

Compatible with current Windows 10 as well as with other Windows versions up to the mythical Windows XP, Simple Disable Key, as its name indicates, allows you to choose which key or what combination of these to deactivate, in addition to being able to program when they must be deactivated, such as for example every time we open Steam or start a particular game in such a way that pressing the Windows key does not make us go to the desktop. Free and weighing just 1.38MB, you can download Simple Disable Key from here, and follow these steps to use it:

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Step 1
Download the free tool and install it. After running the program, find and select the field called Key.

Step 2
Within this interface you have to find the key you want to deactivate on the keyboard and press it

Step 3
Now we must find and give the Add Key command. With this we will have another series of options in which to choose if we want the specific key that we have selected to be deactivated with certain programs, to be disconnected at certain times of the day, or to deactivate it permanently. When we have decided we give Ok and repeat if we want to deactivate another one.

The program also has a function that allows you to quickly activate all the keys that you have deactivated. To do this you just have to enter Tools and give the function Enable All Keys.


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