How To Manage Low Weight Problems In Adolescents?


Food is a fundamental aspect on which the health and proper functioning of the body depend. In this sense, attending to the diet of adolescents is of the utmost importance.

One of the most common and widespread health problems in adolescents is those related to weight. In this sense, obesity and excess weight contribute to different conditions, as well as suffering from obesity in adulthood and other lifelong conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Thus, the majority of the adolescent population feels great concern regarding excess weight, as pointed out by the Mayo Clinic specialized health portal, which indicates that children are constantly teased and intimidated because of their weight.

Similarly, studies have shown that teens with an unhealthy weight are prone to self-esteem issues, depression, and an overall lower quality of life. So another from the CDC recommends developing healthy eating habits in children to prevent these disorders.

Finally, in addition to nutrition, it is extremely important to encourage children and adolescents to stay active, minimize sedentary time and sleep well, as stated on the Stanford Childrens website. Likewise, the consumption of nutritional supplements also allows managing low weight problems.

That is why below, we show you some options for supplements and products that can contribute to the nutrition of adolescents and avoid problems related to their weight.

1. Vegan Daily Multivitamin Gummies:

They are multivitamin gummies that contain a formula of biotin available from plants, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, which are essential nutrients that are responsible for cell repair, promote energy, improve sleep and metabolism healthy to support the body’s natural immunity.

It only takes two gummies a day to help eliminate common nutritional deficiencies, support immune function, stimulate cell defense, and strengthen energy metabolism. A safe and hypoallergenic option, with a delicious strawberry, cherry and orange flavor.

2. Healthy snack box:

This is a box that is packed with healthy snacks, which have been hand-picked and made up of a comprehensive list of nutritious bars and nuts. Each pack has thirty individually packaged presentations, perfect for taking one every day of the month.

A great option that is suitable to take to school, trips, outings or simply, for any time of the day that requires a healthy snack. Its diversity of flavors and presentations pleases the most demanding palates and leaves them satisfied.

3. Organic fruit smoothies:

They are delicious shakes that have been made with a mixture of organic fruits, vegetables, vegetable proteins, flax seeds, healthy fats and super foods rich in antioxidants for balanced nutrition at any time of the day.

These appetizers have a delicious flavor and the perfect size to carry in the bag, so light and refreshing that they are like biting into a piece of ripe fruit. They have incredibly high nutritional profiles and are backed by extensive research.

4. Blueberry Oatmeal Protein Shake:

It features a delicious blueberry and cream flavor in a smooth shake that is inspired by breakfast, as each serving offers a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals to support the immune system. Ideal to complement breakfast, an aperitif for lunch or anytime.

They are ready to drink, so they can be taken at home or carried in the bag to consume them during the day, so this exquisite drink not only offers an extraordinary flavor and texture, since in addition to satiating cravings, they fill the body with nutrition.

5. Organic Superfood Mix:

It is a healthy drink mix formulated from organic vegetables, fruits and sprouts, which can be conveniently added to water, juices or any smoothie. Additionally, they contain organic fiber and clinically proven probiotics.

Very practical, simple and convenient to consume, since with just one tablespoon the body will be receiving all the nutritional benefits of each of its components, promoting a healthy lifestyle without major complications.


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