How to Manage Apple’s Cash Allowance for a Child on an iPhone


Apple Cash allows users to store money in the Wallet app and make purchases using Apple Pay without a credit card, but parents and family organizers can monitor and view how a child or teenager spends their Apple Cash through Family Sharing. . Like any other digital currency application or service, money can be loaded onto an Apple Cash card to use for purchases and peer-to-peer payments. However, the key advantage of Apple Cash is its integration with the Apple ecosystem. The service can be used to send money to people directly to iMessage and to traditional payment terminals with Apple Pay. This is an interesting alternative to something like the Apple Card, which is a credit card based on Apple Pay, but with less risk associated with using Apple Cash.

Since the money is loaded into the Apple Cash account directly from a bank or other service, users can spend exactly as much money as they put on their card. It’s a great way to get Apple Pay functionality without adding a credit or debit card to the Wallet app, and it’s even better for kids and teens who probably don’t have their own credit card or bank account. Persons under the age of 18 cannot create an Apple Cash account on their own, but using the “Family Access” function, the family access organizer can allow the use of Apple Cash accounts for children and teenagers in their “Family Access” group. With Apple Cash Family, the family organizer can provide Apple Pay support to children and teenagers without adding one of their credit or debit cards to the child’s phone, avoiding the risk of overspending.

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After setting up the Apple Cash account of a child or teenager, you can view and control their expenses through the Wallet app, but the available settings depend on the permissions that the user has in the Family Access group. The family organizer has the most control over the spending habits and settings of children and teenagers in their family sharing group with a variety of settings available that can limit how and where Apple Cash can be spent. Parents and guardians who are not family organizers of the Family Sharing group can view the Apple Cash balance of a child or teenager, their transaction history and enable notifications when making an Apple Cash transaction. To view the status of a user in the Family Access group, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Family tab at the top of the screen.

Viewing and Limiting Apple’s Cash Allowance for a Child

A convenient way to use Apple Cash Family is to send a child or teenager their allowance, because using iMessage and the Wallet application it is easy to send and manage this allowance. As a family organizer, the user can manage a set of settings through the Wallet app on his iPhone. Open the app and tap the Apple Cash card, and then tap the “…” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then scroll down and select the name of the child whose Apple Cash settings will be changed. The family organizer can restrict to whom a child or teenager can send money, with options allowing you to send money to everyone, only contacts or only family members. If necessary, the organizer of family access can also block the Apple Cash account of a child or teenager by clicking “Block Apple Cash” in red text at the bottom of the screen.

Parents and guardians who are not the organizers of the family can view the information about the Apple Cash account of a child or teenager, but they cannot make changes themselves. To view your child’s transaction history, open the Wallet app and tap the Apple Cash card. Then click the “…” button and select the name of the child whose transactions will be viewed. Click “Transactions” to open the transaction history for the Apple Cash account of a child or teenager. On this page, a parent, guardian, or family organizer can view the entire transaction history of a child or teenager. In addition, the family organizer has the opportunity to request an extract of the transactions of a child or teenager for their records. With these tools, parents and guardians can send child or teen benefits using Apple Cash Family, as well as view and manage money spending.


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