How to make video calls successfully step by step


Calls and video calls are now available on WhatsApp Web and here we explain step by step how to make them from your computer without problems.

2021 will start with many new features on WhatsApp Web, one of them being the implementation of calls and video calls through your pc or mac, and although for the moment they continue to improve, some users can already use them.

Using the video call tool on WhatsApp Web will be even easier than its mobile version, but we will show you below the correct procedure to make and receive calls from your computer.

How to make video calls on WhatsApp Web

The process to make video calls is quite simple, as the first step you have to do is log into WhatsApp Web, then you must select a conversation with whoever you want to start the call.

Once these steps are done, all you have to do is click the call icon button and it will begin to connect, this option can be found in the upper right corner of your conversation.

One of the first obstacles you will come across is a permission request from the browser, which will ask you for authorization so that WhatsApp Web can have access to your camera, you just have to accept and that’s it, you can start your video call on your pc or mac.

In the event that you receive video calls, a pop-up window will appear on your desktop, in which you can have the option to accept the call, ignore it or reject it, then you can continue with your usual conversations.

The only difference between video calls in the mobile version and WhatsApp Web is that the call notification window does not take precedence over conversations like on the cell phone.

So far it has not been confirmed if the mobile and web interfaces will be able to make video calls, but according to WABetaInfo they can probably be done without any problems after the year-end updates.


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