How to make smooth stones in Minecraft and what they are for


Minecraft: As part of our complete guide to Minecraft we tell you how you can make smooth stones and what is their use to build within the game. In Minecraft we can find a very large number of different blocks to build and experiment with. A great adventure awaits us in this cubic universe and understanding all the functions and possibilities that we have at our fingertips is complex. Therefore, in this complete guide we help you fill in those information gaps that you may have. In this case we focus on talking about smooth stone, a type of block with which we can create a more powerful variant of the oven and whose obtaining is very simple. We tell you.

What are smooth stones for?

The main utility that we find in smooth stones is to create melting furnaces, also known as blast furnaces. They were included in version 1.14 of the game and their peculiarity is that they have the ability to melt materials twice as fast as the conventional furnace, although their disadvantage is that they will consume twice as much fuel. In this case, these special ovens only admit minerals and armor to melt, so if we want to heat a little bread we will have to use the common oven.

Melting furnace / blast furnace recipe: for its creation we must place a normal furnace in the center of the grid, three blocks of smooth stones at the base and five iron ingots in the remaining upper gaps.
Smooth stones Minecraft how to create melting furnace utility

How to make smooth stones

In order to manufacture this type of stone and its corresponding slabs, we must use the common oven. It is not necessary to use any of its more special variants, so this first step is quite easy. What we must do is take blocks of rock and place them in the oven, to obtain stone with them. When placing this stone back in the normal oven the result that it will give us is this smooth stone. In this simple way we can incorporate this useful material into our long list of recipes and we will no longer forget the formula to get it.


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