How to make smooth stone in Minecraft


The smooth stone in Minecraft is a block that the player can make from collecting boulders and using ordinary stone in a furnace.

Quite simple to make, smooth stone is a type of item used for construction. As it has a smoother appearance than the original stone blocks, it tends to be a good choice to give a more elegant finish to interiors, or to compose facades and other more elaborate structures.

In the following walkthrough, TechTudo teaches you how to get the smooth stone in Minecraft. The process can be adapted for other types of minerals and soil blocks to obtain more interesting items.

Before proceeding with the tutorial, remember that you need some items and instruments. It is necessary to have access to the pickaxe of any type to extract boulders, if you do not have them, some fuel for the fire (charcoal, mineral, wood or lava) and a furnace.

Step 1. Smooth stone is a by-product that can be obtained from common stone, which in turn is created from boulders. This type of element is extremely common in all biomes and you should have no difficulty in collecting a good amount of the material. When in doubt, it is usually enough to dig a little to find boulders;

Step 2. Go to your nearest oven and deposit the gravel and fuel in the amount you deem necessary. The result of this operation is the common stone;

Step 3. To make the stone smooth, just repeat the previous process: deposit coal (or any other fuel) in the oven and the common stone you created in step 2. The result this time will be the smooth stone. You can skip the previous step if you extract stones with a soft pick, capable of breaking the stone without turning it into boulders.

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