How to make runaway boulders roll 100 meters or more in Fortnite


“Making Runaway Boulders Roll 100 meters in One Match” is an Indiana Jones assignment in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 3, for which players receive a “Dr. Jones” smiley face. This accessory is a short three-frame animation of a famous archaeologist boldly taking off his hat. Accordingly, fans of Indiana Jones who want to demonstrate their bold skill and self-confidence in front of other enemy players can use the Dr. Jones smiley face after being eliminated in the 3rd season of Fortnite, Chapter 3.

Those who complete the various weekly tasks of this season in Fortnite will recognize the Escaped Boulders as large round stones that can be found on the map. These boulders randomly sit on small mounds of pebbles and are moderately noticeable in the environment. Previously, players had to complete quests such as “Accelerating into an escaped boulder and Shifting it with a baller” or “Shifting or Destroying an escaped boulder with a melee Weapon”. Similarly, players must interact with these rolling stones again to complete the task of “Making runaway boulders roll 100 meters in one match.”

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Referring to the two previous boulder-related quests in Fornite, players can conclude that there are two ways to make a runaway boulder topple over and roll away. The first is to crash into a rock while driving Baller, a spherical vehicle found in Rave Cave. Additionally, players can hit the mound holding the boulder with a melee weapon such as a harvesting tool or a lightsaber.

Unlocking the Dr. Jones Smiley Face in Fortnite

After the boulder has been dislodged, the goal is to make it roll as far as possible. Fortunately, the task does not require players to reach the 100 mark in one roll. In addition, fans can roll several Runaway Boulders if they collectively overcome the 100-meter distance in one match.

However, there is an easy way to quickly complete the quest “Make runaway boulders roll 100 meters in one match.” After getting off the battle bus in Fortnite, head to the Rave Cave on the east side of Battle Royale Island. Then land on a snowy peak east of Rave Cave. This small mountain can be found between Crackshot’s Hut and Drill Hill. At the top, players will find an Escaped Boulder. Facing south, start breaking the embankment below to knock out the stone. It should fall towards the road below. Even though the distance to the road is less than 100 meters, the boulder will continue to roll up a small slope on the opposite side before sliding back down. The Runaway Boulder’s ride must meet the quest requirements by unlocking the Dr. Jones smiley face in Fortnite.