How to make money on Facebook Gaming?


How much does Facebook Gaming pay channels? Launched in Brazil in 2018, the live video platform hit the gaming market as an attractive option for streamers.

The service is available in a web version for PC and in an application for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, and is specialized in the live streaming of games and esports championships. TechTudo got in touch with the platform to understand how its monetization system works. Here are some details.

Level Up Program

Anyone can join Facebook Gaming. You only need to create an account, configure the streaming software and start recording. For users who are taking their first steps in their careers, the platform offers participation in the Level Up program, which offers a series of benefits to content creators, such as receiving personalized support via Facebook, unlimited access to products and beta resources , high-quality premium transcoding (for example, access to 1080p and 60fps), among other advantages. According to information from the official Facebook Gaming page and the platform’s partnership manager, William Pimenta, the streamer needs to meet some basic requirements to apply for the Level up program:

  • Have an active page through the “Game Video Maker”;
  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Content transmission performed for at least two days in the last 14 days, with at least
  • four hours of transmission in that period;
  • Have at least 100 followers on the Page;
  • The Page must be active for at least 14 days.

Monetization system

Gamers on the platform manage to earn money with Facebook Stars. According to Pimenta, this feature “offers fans a simple way to support their favorite creators by acquiring stars during live streams, which are then donated to the creator in cash”.

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Facebook pays the streamer US $ 0.01 (about R $ 0.056 in direct conversion) per star, and to receive the amount, players can specify a payment account on the Streamer Panel, and it is also possible to track the amount of stars received. However, payment is only made when the total balance reaches at least US $ 100 (R $ 563 in direct conversion) or 10,000 stars. In addition, it is still possible to monetize through brand partnerships and monthly payments made by fans.


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