How to make meetings fun in Zoom?


Originally created as a meeting app for businesses, Zoom has since become one of the most used services for anyone wishing to have a face-to-face virtual conversation during the pandemic.

Over time, Zoom, which started to be used for online family gatherings, friend chats and business meetings, becomes more fun for users with “Studio Effects”.

Start using “Studio Effects” in three steps

In the online chat application Zoom, it is possible to add various eyebrows, facial hair and lip colors to your video image.

The feature, which is currently in beta, was announced by the company in September 2020. However, this feature has just been discovered and used by most users.

You can access the “Studio Effects” feature, which has been waiting to be discovered for a while, by following the steps below;

  • Go to Video Settings.
  • Select “Background and Filters”.
  • Click on “Studio Effects” in the lower right corner.

The fun feature, which you can reach in three steps, allows you to adjust your facial effects only for that meeting or for each meeting you are in.


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