How to Make (and intercept) transfers in Mario Strikers: Battle League


A mounted pass is a passing technique in the game Mario Strikers: Battle League, in which the ball flies in an arc over the head to the recipient. Conversely, with a normal pass, the sender hits the ball to another teammate, during which the ball rolls along the ground in the direction of the recipient. However, the animation of the character’s kick will be slightly different for Lob Pass when the ball in Mario Strikers is passed up towards the intended recipient. Whoever takes the ball will make a stylish jump to catch it. Any opponent standing in the middle of the pass while the ball is in the air will not be able to steal it, which makes this technique a tricky pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

On the other hand, it is still possible to intercept a frontal passage, but those who try to intercept it will take a skillful time to carry it out. After a frontal pass has been interrupted, the interceptor can either pass the ball to a teammate or send the ball in the other direction for his own follow-up kick in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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To make a Lob Pass to a teammate in Mario Strikers: Battle League, players must press the Y button on their Joy-Con. This aerial pass can be executed sequentially by pressing Y again as soon as the ball reaches the receiver. As long as none of the opponents has intercepted the ball, the player can pass as much as he likes until he aligns his shot on goal.

Interception of frontal gears in Mario Strikers Battle League

To intercept frontal gears in Mario Strikers: Battle League requires the right timing and position. To intercept a Lob Pass, press A or B when you are near the intended recipient. This action will make the character jump and stop the ball in the air, changing its trajectory. Keep in mind that this interception is not possible when you are standing next to the sender or when the ball is halfway to the flight path. The player must be near the receiver to intercept the ball in Mario Strikers: Battle League, after which it will be sent to the other side or handed to a teammate.

In addition, it is possible to prevent a frontal pass by grabbing an opponent before he gets a chance to hit the ball. Of course, it is impossible to know which pass they will execute before hitting. However, players can observe when their opponent’s character starts an animation of passing the ball, which gives them a small window of opportunity to make a grab and steal the ball.