How to make a successful blog for your business


Emerged more than ten years ago as a kind of online diary in which anyone could write about themselves or about topics of varied interests, the blog was quickly incorporated by companies.

Since then, social networks and internet access via smartphones have transformed the online environment – even so, blogs have adapted and remain relevant, helping companies to earn money and build good relationship environments for businesses.

“The blog is one of the best ways to appear well in Google search,” says Luiz D’Elboux, marketing director at GoDaddy and an expert in digital marketing strategies and brand building.

“When producing relevant content, the company becomes an opinion maker. The blog is a complementary tool to social networks, since they do not contain long texts ”, he adds.

But it is not enough to create a simple corporate page, as it was ten years ago. “Blogs are more sophisticated and require technical characteristics that did not exist in the past”, comments D’Elboux.


First, the layouts have become more sophisticated. They have more options of colors, fonts, formatting and use of images. Taking the time to look at the page is crucial.

The ideal is to avoid very polluted pages, and remember the page load time, the navigability and the experience of the users who access by cell phone.

“Blogs that take a long time to load or are difficult to read on smaller screens tend to do worse on Google search,” recalls Luiz D’Elboux.

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