How To Make A Sharpening Stone In Minecraft And What It Is For


Minecraft: We tell you what the Minecraft sharpener is for and how you can easily build it with simple materials available from the beginning. Minecraft is one of those games that never really gets old. Many years have passed since its launch, but it has not been forgotten, far from it. After its recent update, 1.17, the title of Mojang continues to open its doors to the arrival of new content and surprising updates. In this case, and as part of this complete guide, we focus on explaining something that has been available for some time, but has now gained packaging again: the sharpener or whetstone. It is likely that you do not know how to build it, so below we will solve this question in addition to making it clear what its usefulness is in Minecraft.

How to build a whetstone or sharpener

In order to build a whetstone we will need three types of materials. Do not worry, since they are very easy to get. On the one hand we have the sticks, which we can make with wood from the beginning. On the other, a stone slab, also of a base level. Finally, the easiest of all: wooden planks (any type is valid). As for its placement, it is as you can see in the image: two sticks in the upper left and right corners, the stone block in the middle and two wooden cubes in the corners of the sides of the central line. With this arrangement we can obtain a useful sharpener.


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