How to make a PIX using the Banco do Brasil app


Pix arrived as a great novelty for all those who enjoy uncomplicated financial transactions. The idea is that with just a few taps on bank applications and basic information it is possible to make money transfers for free and instantly to any financial institution.

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The idea of ​​encouraging Pix is ​​to really simplify bureaucratic issues related to finance. In this sense, we will make a series of articles teaching you how to deal with Pix in all the main banking apps in the country.

Pix at Banco do Brasil

When accessing the Banco do Brasil application, you must log in with the basic account data.

Then, touch the Pix icon, located on the Banco do Brasil homepage. In doing so, the application will redirect the user to the Pix page, where some basic items can be viewed.

On this page, there are three tabs that are used to carry out transactions. One of them refers to the reading of the QR Code, which can assist in instant payment through digital reading, both in commercial establishments and for people.

The second tab refers to the payment method itself. By clicking on this item, the user will be able to make transfers at any day and time. The third tab is made to request payments from certain contacts.

The quick access, located below, shows three items: key registration, user keys already registered and also the possibility of key portability.

The Banco do Brasil application also gives an interesting QR Code option called “Pix copia e pastida”. It is for the user to paste the alphanumeric code of a charge received through applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, for example.

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