How to make a Gila with Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV


The Great Seals of the company are one of the main currencies of Final Fantasy XIV, which adventurers will constantly earn by completing various tasks, for example, going through dungeons in the job search system. However, players may find themselves in a difficult position, having too many seals and not knowing what to do with them. Unlike Gil, the seals of the Great Company cannot be earned without restrictions, and the maximum threshold of the Warriors of Light depends on the rank of the Great Company in Final Fantasy XIV.

Fortunately, in Final Fantasy XIV there is a way to create a Gil using the seals of a Great Company, using some basic business knowledge and clever transformation techniques. From a business knowledge perspective, no extensive research is required to convert seals to gil. However, players will need to actively check their server’s market board to see which materials and resources are “hot” and are being sold at a bargain price. Using free third-party services such as Universalis, adventurers will be able to view the current sale prices of various items that can be purchased from the quartermaster of a great company. If a material like Coca-Cola or minium is being sold for a lucrative amount of gil, players should make sure they take advantage of the market during the bullish tilt of the item.

Another way to convert Great Company Seals into gil in Final Fantasy XIV is to buy crafting materials from the quartermaster and create improved items from them. These improved items can then be sold on the Marketplace for a much higher price than the basic crafting material. For example, Dabbin sells for about 2500 Gil on the market, but Kirimu Skin, a recipe that requires Dabbin, sells for about 6 times more expensive. Of course, this requires that the adventurer has a sufficient level in the relevant craft to be able to conduct the crafting process.

Earning Gil with Company Seals in FFXIV

The third way to get a Gil using the company’s seals in FFXIV is to sell a minion or a vehicle obtained from a container with material means. Containers with materials 3.0 and 4.0 cost 20,000 seals each. As a reward, players will receive a random minion or steed from the “Reborn Kingdom”, “Heavenly Guardian” or “Blood of the Storm”. While this may seem like a great deal, the RNG factor means that players can get an extremely lucky chance, or the container can get a cheap collectible.

For example, the night pegasus whistle is a means of transportation that can be obtained from a container with material means of version 3.0 at a price of more than 12,000,000 gil. However, this chance works the same way as the Jumbo Cactpot, and is not worth the effort unless players have additional Grand Company seals to burn.