How to make a bed in Minecraft and dye it colors


Minecraft: Few games can proudly carry the label of “never going out of style.” Minecraft is undoubtedly one of them. After receiving the new version 1.17, many players have either returned to the title or entered for the first time (yes, it may seem unusual but new players continue to arrive today). For this reason, in this complete guide you will find both simple tutorials such as the recipe to create an oven or the one that concerns us in this piece, focused on the creation and utility of beds, as something more advanced of the caliber of building an experience farm for level up quickly.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

Beds are a basic thing, without which we are lost in the world of Minecraft. As you know, monsters lurk in the game at night, so the most appropriate way to save ourselves is to take refuge in a house, cave or own construction and place a bed there in order to sleep throughout the night, in addition to set a useful spawn point in case you die and have to resurface again.

Recipe to build a bed: we place three blocks of wool on the upper part (we “harvest” them from the fallen sheep) and three of wood (any type works) on the lower part.
Usefulness: to sleep, skip the night phase and establish a spawn point if we die.


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