How to lose twice as much weight than you expected?


Diet is a very important element when it comes to losing weight, but your physical condition is just as important or maybe more. We’ll look at this next, when we briefly examine research that addressed the relationship between fitness and weight loss.

l study

An article in the newspaper El Español indicates that having a good physical condition before starting a weight loss regimen can contribute greatly to the results of the regimen.

This was the conclusion of a study discussed at the Annual Meeting of the American Endocrinology Society, and to be published soon in the Journal of Endocrine Society.

Investigation details

This program analyzed the relationship between fitness and weight loss as part of an 18-month behavioral program. About 60 overweight or obese adults participated in the program.

A division was made among the participants, where some were placed in the group of “very bad physical condition”, and others in the group of “bad or better physical condition”. In the end, 20 of the participants were categorized in the first group, while the rest in the other.

After 18 months, it was found that people in the “poor or better physical condition” group managed to lose almost twice the weight of individuals in the other group, averaging eight kilos versus four.

The head of the research team stated that this difference could be influenced by factors that were not taken into account when conducting the study, which is why he suggests doing more research to confirm the relationship.

As a tentative conclusion, it could be said that losing weight will be easier for you if you are already in good physical condition and health. Otherwise, you may only be able to lose the amount you expected when starting the diet, which is not a bad thing at all.

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