How to listen to thousands of radio stations in the world


If you turn on the radio, the first thing you will hear will be the stations in your area. If you use the radio on a mobile or a computer via application or web, then you will have access to many more stations. Imagine this: Being able to hear what the radio stations in Madrid, Galicia, Jakarta, Alaska, Bermuda, Malaysia, Japan or in the middle of Nebraska are broadcasting right now, at 2 in the afternoon in Spain and Arkansas, all with a simple swipe. That’s the idea behind Radio Garden.

Radio Garden app

Radio Garden is a Dutch non-profit radio and digital research project developed between 2013 and 2016 by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, by the Transnational Platform for Radio Knowledge and by five other European universities. According to the service, the idea is to reduce the borders from the radio and open to the user the gigantic range of thousands of stations globally.

And all this using an interactive map as a three-dimensional geolocation interface, where the user navigates through a representation of the globe, listening to the broadcasts of local radios, referring in some way to the technology of short wave radios, long distance, but in this case the means of propagation of the radio edition is by streaming data packets.

The home page, entitled Live, allows the user to explore the world in real time, listening to what local radio stations are broadcasting. To do this, just turn the globe with your finger as if you were looking for a map on Google Maps. The best thing is that each green dot on which you rest the cursor is not a single radio station, but several, because by clicking the Settings / Settings button you will be able to choose between those that are available by area.

World music streaming
From Settings you can also move between the cities of a country and look at all available radio stations, in addition to seeing their location, transmission frequency, etc. Radio Garden is available as a web portal at this link, and also as a free mobile application. A great way without a doubt to explore the world through its music and its radio stations.


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