How to link your Twitch account with Steam


We tell you the way in which you can link the accounts of both platforms, a necessary step to get the Twitch drops.

In a world like the current one, everything is interconnected. Communication between the different communities requires that the platforms be transversal, something that goes beyond social networks and the communication tools themselves. Valve’s platform Steam allows players to enjoy and make use of its library of games, but it has also partnered with other companies to offer additional benefits. Twitch drops, for example, give the user the ability to obtain items for games while watching live streams from your favorite content creators.

To use this type of functionality you must first connect the accounts. In general, the process works in a similar way on all platforms, but we show you how to do it using this step-by-step guide.

Connect the Twitch account with the Steam account

It is essential to have an active account on both platforms. If you don’t have it, you can register for free on the Steam and Twitch websites.

Next, log into Twitch.
Just in the upper right you will see your username (in case you have an avatar it will appear there too). Click and look for the option “Settings”.
You will be on a page that allows you to change the profile photo, the banner and other variables. Ignore that information and click on “Connections”, option located in the top menu.
You will see a series of recommended connections, among which is Steam. Look for the icon and click on “Connect.” A pop-up window will open in which you must log in with your Steam account. Ready! You are now connected and ready to take advantage of the benefits!
Taking into account that Rust is offering an exclusive Auronplay skin through Twitch Drops, remember that in order to claim these rewards you will have to activate the drops on Steam.

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