How to link your Steam account with the Epic Games Store


We tell you how you can link your Steam account with the Epic Games Store to enjoy Rocket League and other games and benefits.

A few days ago Epic Games announced that Rocket League would become free-to-play this Wednesday, September 23, 2020. This action has been carried out because the company owns Psyonix, the developer studio of the game in question. We can play it for free on both PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles as well as on PC, so here we detail the process to link our Steam accounts with Epic Games’ accounts in order to enjoy crossplay and all the advantages that we can get with this action for Rocket League.

How to link our Steam account with the Epic Games Store

There are two main ways to link our accounts. One of them is simpler and through the web browser, while the other is done by the game itself. Here we leave them detailed so that there is no loss at the time of performing this action:

Access your Epic account through this link and select the option “Login with Steam. So, so easily, you should already have access to both accounts and they should be linked. If it doesn’t work for you, follow these steps :

  1. We access Rocket League (must be updated)
  2. We log into your account on the Epic Games Store and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. We go to the indicated Epic Games page and enter the specific code, “If you are on Steam, you must link to an Epic Games account by visiting the Epic Games account portal,” they indicate from the official support website.
  4. Once we have logged in, we will be asked to set up a main platform (it will be our Rocket Pass progression source, competitive rank, XP level, etc.).
  5. We need to make sure we select the platform where we have the most Rocket Pass progress and the highest competitive rank.


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