How to link an Epic Games account with Square Enix

We detail the step-by-step process to link our Epic Games account with Square Enix to obtain rewards in various games.

Knowing the method to link our accounts from different platforms is ideal in order to get all the special rewards that we receive in each event that companies organize. In this case, we refer to how to link Epic Games accounts with Square Enix in order to receive the Hulk and Hulkbuster pickaxe in Fortnite by completing the HARM challenges of the Marvel’s Avengers beta this weekend. Below we will tell you how to do it step by step as well as reminding you of the keys to this closed Marvel’s Avengers test.

How to link our Epic Games account to Square Enix’s

  • We go to the Epic Games Store website
  • We access with our account or create one (something recommended in order to be able to redeem the free games that appear every Thursday).
  • Now we do the same on the Square Enix website
  • We select the option “Link your account”
  • We read the instructions that appear on the screen and we give “Allow”
  • And it would be! If we have followed these steps, the message “You have linked your
  • Square Enix account with your Epic Games account” should appear on the screen, something that indicates that we have done well.
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