How to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without actually leaving


There are those who love WhatsApp groups, and there are those who already hate them from the first moment they get into one. And with the confinement and pandemic that we live in, the groups have exploded in use.

Do you want to get out of one? It’s easy and it takes a couple of taps on the screen, but there are those who don’t want others to see that little message of “? left the group ”, so what to do? One solution is to silence them, but we can go further.

Leave a WhatsApp group without leaving

Not only are we going to silence it, but we are going to disconnect all possible notifications, and also archive it so we don’t read more. For all intents and purposes it will be as if you had left it, even if you are still part of it, but at least the sneak message that you got lost will not come out, which can make other users angry so much – although basically it is their problem, not yours.

  • Enter the WhatsApp group you are fed up with
  • Look above, at the drop-down menu icon – the three dots vertically
  • Open it and press Group Info
  • Give the first option, “Silence notifications” -if you had not already silenced them-, and mark that you do not want to receive notifications
  • Go back to Group Info and look under the option Mute the option “Personalized notifications”. Go in and activate it if you didn’t use it already.
  • Search for either ‘Notifications and Alerts’, or ‘Use High Priority notifications’, and deactivate the one you have
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With this you will no longer have any type of notifications again, nor will they bother you with alerts from the WhatsApp group – yes, at the end of the year when the time to have the chat silenced ends, you will have to do it again. But we are going to add something else: you are going to archive that WhatsApp group, so as not to see the new things that they write in that group anymore.


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