How to Kill or Save the Hackett Family in a Career


There are many options to be made to kill or save The Hackett family in The Quarry, although not every family member will be spared a painful demise. The Hackett family is both a victim and a villain Quarries, depending on the point of view from which to look at history. Their outbursts of violence can cause enough harm that some see them as a threat to the survival of nine characters who can be controlled, while specific details of the family’s history may require mercy for members who can be saved. However, the Hackett family is complex, and rescuing as many members as possible can prove challenging.

Killing the Hacketts in chapter nine will help save every main character in The Quarry, although all nine can be kept alive without killing any of them in this particular chapter. Besides, Kayleigh Hackett’s death will always happen regardless of the decisions made. There are also a couple of main characters who will need to die in order for the entire Hackett family to live.

The Hackett family members who can be saved or killed are Bobby, Constance, Chris, Jedidiah, Caleb and Travis. Unfortunately, not all family members can be saved in one playthrough. In addition, there is no outcome in which all members of the Hackett family and all camp counselors can live at the end of the game, so deliberate decisions should be made to do this or that when searching for a specific ending in The Quarry.

How to Save the Hackett Family in a Career

Bobby Hackett: To save Bobby, leave the knife in Ryan so that Bobby later pulls it out in a battle with Chris. Also, have Ryan shoot Chris with a shotgun. Chris Hackett: Chris can be saved by killing Laura with a shotgun after she becomes a werewolf. Travis Hackett: Travis can be kept alive without ever making a decision that will cause him a mortal wound. Also, make sure that Laura uses a syringe instead of shooting him when she is in the cell. This will allow Travis, Laura and Ryan to team up and kill Silas at the end of the game. Caleb Hackett: Don’t shoot Caleb while he’s chasing Caitlin. Instead, choose the launch option whenever it is available. Constance Hackett: When Laura and Constance are fighting over guns, fail the QTE to keep her alive. Also, be sure to save Laura in the Quarry by killing Chris. If Chris is alive, he will die. Jedidiah Hackett: To keep Jedidiah alive, it’s better to run away rather than attack him. As with Constance, kill Chris to make sure he doesn’t kill Jedediah as well.

How to Kill the Hackett Family in a Career

Bobby Hackett: Kill Bobby with a shotgun or with the knife he used to stab Ryan. Chris Hackett: Shoot Chris when he attacks Bobby. Caleb Hackett: Shoot Caleb while he’s chasing after Caitlin and Dylan. this fatally wounds Travis to kill him. Constance Hackett: Successfully complete the QTE when Constance and Laura fight for a gun to kill her.