How to keep your data safe while using WhatsApp Web


WhatsApp Web also has its risks and here we tell you what to do so that your data and conversations are safe

As we well know, in order to use WhatsApp Web on any computer, it is necessary to scan a QR code with our smartphone, which consists of an image that, when scanned, generates a URL and others that are decoded by the device that detects it. The use of QR codes is generally safe, however some ‘traps’ have also been developed so that apps that use this technology as a registration method can be the target of cybercriminals.

This cyber attack is called QRLjacking and uses social engineering techniques to gain access to all the contacts, files and conversations of the victim’s account through tools that capture and store the image of the QR code generated by WhatsApp and generate a new code QR aimed at the victim, which represents risks to their data.

Take care of your information on WhatsApp Web

When the victim scans the fake code, his session is stored on the criminal’s computer and he can use it whenever he wants without the victim being notified by his smartphone.To be sure that this does not happen to us, we give you a few simple steps: perform to keep your information and conversations safe when using WhatsApp Web:

The first thing to keep in mind is that the QR codes that WhatsApp asks to scan, are solely and exclusively to log in, so if after that any other code appears with an advertisement that offers benefits or promotions, or even some validation process , distrust immediately. Any app or company that uses QR codes as a means of authentication will let its users know through their official channels.

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Keep in mind that QRLjacking can occur when the cybercriminal is connected to the same network as his victims, so if for any reason you connect to public or open networks, avoid sharing sensitive information.

It is also important to be alert when browsing the internet, because even if we connect to secure networks, whether they are from home or work, we must not lower our guard due to the security vulnerabilities that attackers exploit, we avoid risks.

It should be taken into account that these types of attacks usually do not respond when the victim falls, that is, if when trying to use WhatsApp Web a QR code is scanned that does not offer any action in response, it is most likely that it is a cyber attack. To be able to reverse this situation, the most convenient thing is to access the “WhatsApp Web” option within the app from the smartphone and close all the initiated sessions. This will close all active sessions, so attackers will lose access immediately.


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