How to install Windows 11 On Unsupported Computers Without Meeting The Minimum Requirements


Windows 11: Many users have already installed Windows 11 on their computer for the first time. Some will have left their devices on overnight waiting for the operating system to install properly. Depending on the model and the power it takes more or less, but if you already have it installed it is quite an achievement. The problem is if your device has not been selected because it does not have the minimum requirements to install Windows 11. If this has been your case, do not despair, because there is a way to install Windows 11 on your unsupported computer.

How to know if my computer meets the minimum requirements of Windows 11

You may not know it, but Windows 11 has some minimum requirements to ask your computer. Some have caught the users unexpectedly, who have seen how a small security chip became an indispensable element for the installation of the software.

We are talking about the TPM version 2.0, a small connector that what it does is store security data. But this is something very specific and if you are a handyman you can place it yourself on the board of your machine, but there is a connector that needs a little more attention.

And the fact is that your computer’s processor has a lot to give or take away from you when installing Windows 11. It turns out that if you have a 2016 or 2017 processor such as the latest generation Intel or AMD’s Ryzen 2,000 from now on, you will be the lucky ones. to install Windows 11. But there is still hope if you do not meet these requirements and want to install Windows 11.


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